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Make money by selling software: Join our Amateur Invest affiliate reseller program and earn 25% commision on each sale generated via your links.
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About the affiliate program:'s affiliate program allows publishers, resellers, and web site owners to advertise Amateur Invest products to their users and visitors, and earn at least a 25% commision. Signing up is simple and free, and you can spread the word about these fine products and earn commissions in the process.

What You Can Earn as an affiliate?

affiliate program - earn money - sell software. The price for Amateur Invest is USD $49.99 via RMycommerce. By becoming an affiliate, You will earn at least 25% on each order you enable through your advertising of Amateur Invest. Our experience suggests that focused target audiences lead to higher sales, with many customers buying up front.

You make at least 25% on each sale - that is USD $12.50 ! - 1000 sales from your site will give you at least USD $12.500. - There is no limit to the number of sales you can make. - AND it's all done automatically.

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How does the affiliate program work?

You sign up at Mycommerce here below to become an affiliate. If you have your an internet site, you place an advertisement for Amateur Invest there. You can use any marketing measures you like to generate sales, except spamming. As soon as somebody clicks on your advertisement or link, he will be lead to the order page for Amateur Invest at Mycommerce. If a sale is generated, you earn at least a 25% commission. - AND it's all done automatically.

The whole administration is done via our proven partner, who will also pay out your commission. A reliable company with a proven affiliate program!

Signing Up:
Becoming a affiliate is quick and easy. The affiliate program is managed by Mycommerce, and established leader in software affiliate programs.

To Get Started, simply Sign Up to with the affiliate program at Mycommerce - You decide which:

Mycommerce sign Up: / Amateur Invest product #: 2158-1

After completing the sign up, you will be emailed the affiliate account activation instructions. Activate your affiliate account as instructed in this email. You will then be sent login instructions. Log into your affiliate account, and set up Amateur Invest / Simply Data as an Active relationship. Please NOTE the affiliate id given to you in the activation email. This affiliate ID will be used in URLs you use to refer customers to the buying page.

If you already have a Mycommerce affiliate account, then please log into your Control Panel and find our programs in Product Finder.

Register as Amateur Invest affiliate reseller now! - And start making money by selling the software!

Start Selling software:
Below we provide links for Amateur Invest, for direct purchase by your visitors. In creating your advertisements for Amateur Invest, you can find detailed text descriptions, or a variety of details in the PAD XML file we provide:

Amateur Invest PAD File

Amateur Invest almost sells itself, because it is easy to use, and because it is all about making money by investing in stocks - something that most people find interesting.

Start making money with amateur invest affiliate program.

Product Name: Amateur Invest
Price: $49.99
Short Description: Amateur Invest, Money, Banking, Stock & Portfolio Management. Easy to use. FREE price / quote updates.

So if you set up your site - and make it attractive - telling all the benefits of the software program, and get people to use your site / page - and they register the program via your site / page, you make money ! And you yourself decide how much money you are going to make - the more people that see your site / page, and register through it, the more money you'll make. - It that simple.

Use any of the above banners to get people to download, or make your own:

Affiliate program banner example.

Make money by selling software banner.

You can also look at the promote page, to get texts and code to put onto your own site.

So hurry, sign up for the affiliate program, set up your site, promote it, and make money by selling the software program...

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