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The following nifty little freeware utilities have all been found by me, whenever I have had the need for one of them.They are listed here, because they are great programs, and others might benefit from them as well.

Since they can be hard to find, I have included them here - which might make them easier to find, and easier to download.

Please note, that both Amateur Invest and Keep it a secret are also freeware software programs. They can be found on this site and downloaded for free.

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If you have knowledge of other great and best freeware utilities, please let me know, by sending an email. Look at the Simply Data page for contact information.

NB: The authors of these freeware software programs have all done a great job. And even though these programs are free, usually the authors suggest that you donate a little to help support continued development. So if you use their software in a commercial environment, or otherwise would like to appreciate their work, please donate a bit, and give them credit for their effort.

Screen Capture freeware:
Gadwin Printscreen (v. 3.50),
- Really great screen capture program. Quickly grab screen with many features. Sits in system tray for easy access, if you wish.

FreeCommander freeware:

File batch Renaming freeware:
Batch File Renaming (v. 2.51),
- Have many pictures with the same prefix and just a number. The rename them all to something meaningful.

Image resizing freeware:
Mihov (v. 0.9),
- JPEG or GIF resizing, both single and batch. Great when you have many pictures, that you wish to resize.

PDF writing freeware:
CutePDF (v. 2.5),
- Installs and sits in Windows like a printer. Your print from your program to the pdf printer, and a pdf file is created.

Editor with line numbers freeware:
Crimson editor (v. 3.70),
- Line numbers, syntax highlighting, etc. Great for programmers.

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