International investments.

Explanation - What is: international investments is when you have invested money internationally. That is, when you have invested your money in another country than the one you live in. When you invest in another country - eg. in stocks, bonds or mutual funds, you take on an added risk, than if you "just" invested in securities in your own country.

With international investments, you have the added risk of changes in currency rates. Not only can the stock prices go up and down, but also exchange rates between different currencies goes up and down. - So you need a software package to handle this added risk as well.

And with international investments, theare are also many more factors you need to consider. Factors like political and economical stability. - Again the answer is a software package that can aid you in making the right decisions.

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Currency for international investments
International investments means taking currency exchange rates into consideration. Click on picture to enlarge.

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What users are saying about Amateur Invest:
J. Andersson, S: I have been looking for a tool that could help me with my international investments. I have tried different software and yours is the best of them, because it takes differences in currencies into account. - And I can get prices and exchange rates from many countries for free.
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Disclaimer: The name Amateur Invest is used because it is an easy to use program. But do not be fooled - just because it is easy, doesn't mean it isn't versatile. - It is a program with many features also used by professionals. Invest like a pro...

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