Amateur Investor software.

The following is mail correspondence about software for the Amateur Investor. It is placed here so that you can see questions asked either in the investment forum or directly by email. It can be used to learn more about the software program for the Amateur Investor.

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From: "Mike G." <mike@?>
To: <>
Sent: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 15:41:09 -0000
Subject: Amateur Investor

Hi, - I have just come across your package for the Amateur Investor. It looks interesting.

I can see that you can enter share holdings and see increase or decrease in value against current market price --------, but can you tell me this about Amateur Investor: Does it have a Transaction Log so that, for instance, I can buy 100 ZYZ shares at 1.00 plus tax 0.5 &, commission 9.95 total cost 110.45

Then sell at say 50 XYZ @ 1.50 less commission 9.95 total = 65.05 and give me a cumulative account ie:

XYZ 19/01/2007 Profit on sale 9.825 : +17.79%
PQR 15/01.2007 Loss on sale 10.00 : -15.2 %
ABC 11/01/2007 Profit on sale 25.00 : +16.00%

Total + 24.825 +xxx.xx%

Kind regards, Mike G.
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From: "R. Michael" <>
To: "Mike G." <mike@?>
Subject: Re: Amateur Investor software

Hi Mike, - Thank you for your interest in software for the Amateur Investor.

Yes, you are able to do as you are looking for.

If you buy 100 XYZ, the way you describe, you enter that into the portfolio by pushing the "add" button from the portfolio window. The fields used would be: 100 in "Number bought", 1.00 in "Price each", 10.45 in "Costs". When you click ok, the deal will be shown in the portfolio overview. Different calculations show the total cost, the current price and the profit/loss.

Later you sell 50 XYZ, so in the portfolio window, with the above deal selected, you push the sell button. You enter 50 in the "Amount", 1.50 in "Price" and 9.95 in "cost sell", and when you push the ok button, the portfolio overview will now show that you have 50 left.

In the Right upper corner of the portfolio overview window, there's a dropdown box, where you can select to see "active" deals, and select to show "sold" or "All" deals. - So you can switch the view to those to see the total p/l together.

Hope this answers your question about software for the amateur investor, otherwise do get back again.

Regards, R. Michael

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