India stock prices.

The following is mail correspondence about the stock market in India and downloading Indian stock prices in the software program Amateur Invest. It is placed here so that you can see questions asked either in the investment forum or directly by email. It can be used to learn more about stock market prices for India in the software program Amateur Invest.

From: "R. Michael" To: "Harsh M S."
Subject: Re: AMINVEST stock prices for India
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 17:10:25 +0100

Hi Harsh.

Amateur Invest can download stock quotes / prices automatically via Yahoo. Yahoo has stock prices for many securities in companies around the world. - Have you tried a symbol lookup at: ? - they do have quite a lot of companies there. - Another user from India has over 4000 Indian securities from indian stock markets in Amateur Invest, and can download stock prices from India that way.

- Otherwise it is also possible to enter the quotes manually via the "Price & Info" window. In the country cell you can enter a country of your choise - even though it is not one of the countries listed. - India has been entered into the program country list in the current version.

Regards, R. Michael

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From: "Harsh M S."
Sent: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 17:01:36 +0530
Subject: Re: AMINVEST stock market prices for India

Further to my earlier query, I would also like to know whether AMINVST could be used in India and Indian stock prices at all. And if yes then if it could be linked to any other finance site other than Because India. Finance.Yahoo does not have all my companies codes

> ---- Original Message ----

> From: Harsh M S.
> Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2005 1:09 PM
> Subject: AMINVEST and prices for India

> > I downloaded AMINVEST and am in the Testing mode. I find it quite useful but I am not able to use it fully and I will bother you to answer some queries. At this moment please tell how to enter INDIA in the "Country" cell. I presume it should be possible since you have provided INR (Indian Ruppee) as one of the currency options.

> > Thanks
> > Harsh M S.

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