Irish stock prices.

The following is correspondence from the forum about downloading Irish stock prices in the software program Amateur Invest. Also read more about downloading Irish stock market prices automatically on the demo / tutorial pages. - Downloading Irish stock prices automatically.

Hi Derek.

Yes, the latest upgrade (v. 2003 C) has some improvements both speedwise, and also the delete functions you requested.

You can download just the upgrade package from the download page. - Just be sure to point the installation on top of your first installation, so that the files replace the old ones.

In the company window, you can push the right mouse button, and then select companies. This also works if you eg. first filter only eg. companies from a country that you don't want, then right mouse click in the company list, and choose select all. When you next choose delete, you'll be asked if you wish to delete prices also. - That way, by deleting unwanted countries / companies, you can have only Irish companies left, and that way only get Irish Stock market prices.

Rene Michael

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From: "Derek P." <dpear@?.net>
To: "Rene Michael"
Sent: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 16:07:00 +0100
Subject: amateur invest upgrade and Irish stock prices

Have you completed the upgrade you promised?

I cannot do anything more with the program until I am able to quickly and easily delete all the companies etc. I do not want. - So that only Irish companies are left, and only Irish stock prices are downloaded.

Derek P.
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Hello Derek.

1. I do not understand the 1st. question. In the "Admin" window, you can switch between portfolios, and also create new ones (with a 3 letter id code).

2. In order to keep a low price for the program, and not to have people pay a monthly fee for prices, I have relied on Yahoo to supply prices for free - therefore the program supports prices that you can get from Yahoo. But Ok - found Irish stock price codes for you.

Look at this page: <> - at the bottom the Irish indexes are mentioned. - Click on "Components" next to an index, and a list will be shown with Irish stock market prices (Dublin) codes, and prices in Euro... Eg. the code ANGL.I is for ANGLO IRISH BANK.

I'll add some examples of Irish companies and Irish stock prices in the next version.

R. Michael

---------- Original Message -----------
From: "Derek P." <dpear@?.net>
To: "Rene Michael"
Sent: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 17:17:45 +0100
Subject: Amateur Invest and Irish stock prices

Greetings Rene! - Thank you for your email of 12 May.

Your program is certainly working well now. Unfortunately the are some major problems still and until these are solved I cannot really use the program. Dealing first with your replies:

1. I need to change one of the headings as this is already under INV. I cannot see how to do this.
2. It is a serious disadvantage not being able to download UK Funds. A major disadvantage to the program.

As regards irish stock companies and prices, I tried doing what you suggested. When I got the first window and clicked "Dublin", all that append was that it moved on to the next page which had no "Dublin" and merely listed UK stocks. No means to access Dublin. I can get codes for all the sticks except one, but they are all London codes and therefore will have London prices in sterling. No prices for Dublin funds. I want Dublin prices! Another serious drawback.

I would be glad to hear from you again.

Regards Derek
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