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From: "wayne c." <papinc@?.net>
To: "r. michael"
Sent: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 21:59:39 -0400
Subject: profit-loss

I have reviewed each stock and i believe that i have each setup according to your note

one of my stocks is home depot
300 shares purchased @ 37.13= 11139.00
current value 31.57= 9471.00
profit/loss= -12807.00
all of the stocks have the wrong profit/loss figures.

p.s. i really like the program if i can over come this problem with profit/loss calculation. i also don't understand how to setup more than one portfolio
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From: "R. Michael"
To: "wayne c." <papinc@?.net>
Subject: Re: profit/loss calculation

Hi Wayne.

In order to try to see, what the problem with profit/loss calculation might be, can you send me these files attached to a mail:
invest.dbf + inv_curr.dbf + inv_curr.mdx + inv_firm.dbf + inv_firm.mdx + inv_firm.dbt + inv_port.dbf + inv_curr.mdx + inv_port.dbt

You can zip the 9 files together to one file, if you know how, otherwise just send them unzipped. - The files (in a standard installation) are located in the C:\PROGRAM FILES\INVEST\DATA folder.

With the files I can recreate your situation with profit/loss calculation here, and soon have an answer for you.

R. Michael

---------- Original Message -----------
From: "wayne c." <papinc@?.net>
To: "R. Michael"
Subject: Re: profit/loss

i hope i have attached and copied the right files.
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From: "R. Michael"
To: "wayne c." <papinc@?.net>
Subject: Re: profit/loss

Hi Wayne.

The files were just the ones I needed - Thanks.

Okay, I see what the problem with profit/loss calculation is, but I'm unable to see if it is a problem in the program or in your setup. I'll try to explain:

Amateur Invest, when calculating Profit/Loss, takes cost into consideration. Take eg. Home Depot - you have entered: 11139 in the cost field. - So the calculation for Profit/Loss goes like this: buy value (300*37.13 = 11139) - current value (300*31,32 = 9396) - value in cost field (= 11139) = -12882.

The cost field should contain only the price you have paid for the deal - eg. brokerage. So if I remove the value from the cost field, the profit/loss calculation looks ok. - And you should do the same for the rest of the stocks in your portfolio.

Actually it also then adds the value in the earnings field. (Earnings being eg. dividends).

Let me know if that helped.

R. Michael

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