Password Codes.

Question: I have forgotten my secret password codes, can you help ? Answer: No, I'm sorry. The secret password codes are not stored anywhere. - That is part of the security in this password software program. And the software is all about remembering just one secret password code - this one - and you can have access to all your other secret password codes. So make sure, you don't forget this one password code.

Question: How can I send messages with the software ? Answer: Write the text you wish to send. Save it to a file using a secret password code of your choise. Attach the file to a message and e-mail it to the one you wish to send it to. Give the recipient the secret password code by other means, eg. one you have agreed upon at an earlier meeting.

Keep It Secret is the best free software for your password codes.

KIS - best free password codes - and much more !

You can read more about passwords, codes and more on these pages:

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