Secret passwords.

Secret passwords are meant to be for you and the ones you select to know them, and noone else. - So how do you keep all other people from knowing all your secret passwords ?

You can use an easy software program like Keep It a Secret to manage all your secret passwords. - The you only have to remember 1 secret password - and have easy access to all your other passwords.

Question: I have forgotten my secret password codes, can you help ? Answer: No, I'm sorry. The secret password codes are not stored anywhere. - That is part of the security in this password software program. And the software is all about remembering just one secret password code - this one - and you can have access to all your other secret password codes. So make sure, you don't forget this one password code.

Secret passwords software

KIS (Keep It Secret) - best free secret password codes - and much more !

You can read more about passwords, codes and more on these pages:

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