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Countries visited by the author of Amateur Invest:

This page is a list of countries visited by R. Michael, the author of the book "Make money on stocks", and the software programs; "Amateur Invest", "Keep It (a) Secret", and "DataShow".

Travelling, visiting and experiencing other countries and cultures are one of the highlights of living. I can't write it any better than H. C. Andersen did: "To travel is to live".

Each country visited, is listed with the year, primary place of visit and primary reason for visit.

Year: Country visited: Place: Purpose:
2016, Nov/Dec. USA Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles Vacation
2016, Mar. South Africa North of Pretoria Vacation
2015, Jan. Spain Alicante Vacation
2014, Aug. Spain Alicante Vacation
2013, Nov. Spain Alicante Vacation
2012, Nov. Spain Alicante Vacation
2012, Jul./Aug. Spain Alicante Vacation
2011, Dec. Spain Alicante Vacation
2011, Oct. USA California, Los Angeles, Anaheim Business, Sharepoint conference
2011, Jul./Aug. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2011, Jul. Czech Republic Prague Vacation
2010, Jul. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2010, Jun. Norway Oslo Business
2010, Mar. England London Business, DevWeek
2009, Jul./Aug. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2009, Mar. England London Business, DevWeek
2008, Jul. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2008, Mar. England London Business, DevWeek
2008, Mar. USA Washington State, Seattle Business, Sharepoint conference
2008, Feb. Egypt Hurghada, Cairo Vacation
2007, Jul/Aug. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2007, Mar. Thailand Phuket (Karon Beach) Vacation
2007, Feb. England London Business, DevWeek
2006, Jul. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2006, Feb. England London Business, DevWeek
2005, Oct. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2005, Jul. Sweden Olufström Vacation
2005, Mar. Thailand Bangkok, Phuket (Karon Beach) Vacation
2004, Jul. Greece Chania, Crete Vacation
2003, Jun. Turkey Alanya Vacation
2002, Jun. Greece Chania, Crete Vacation
2001, Jun. Spain Alcudia, Mallorca Vacation
2000, Sept. Germany Berlin Business, LotusPhere
2000, Jun. Turkey Alanya Vacation
1999, Aug. Spain Costa Del Sol Vacation
1998 Sweden Stockholm Business
1998, Mar. Spain Fuerteventura, (Canary Islands) Vacation
1997 Norway Oslo Business
1997 Cyprus Aya Napa Vacation
1997 England Swindon Business
1997, Mar. Thailand Bangkok, Chang Mai, Chang Rai, Phuket Vacation
1996, Sep. Norway Geilo Business, Teambuilding
1995 England London Business, BPR course
1994 Greece Kos Vacation, Honeymoon
1993, Aug. Turkey Alanya Vacation
1993, Mar. USA Hawaii (Oahu + Big Island) Vacation
1992 England London Business, ST
1992 Germany Frankfurt Business, ST
1992 Tunisia   Vacation
1991 Cyprus Aya Napa Vacation
1990 Greece Agios Nicolaous, Crete Vacation
1986, Jun. Interrail:
Paris, France +
Madrid, Spain +
Barcelona, Spain +
Porto, Portugal +
Algarve, Portugal
1985 Greece Corfu Vacation
1982, Jul. Spain Arenal, Mallorca Vacation
1982, Mar. USA New York, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami, Key West School
1981 -> 1982 USA Jacksonville Beach, Florida School
1981, Aug. England London On the way to the US
1980 Spain Arenal, Mallorca Vacation
1979, Jul. Singapore, Malaysia   Vacation
1979 Italy Sicily Vacation
1978 Faroe Islands   Vacation
1978, Dec. Spain Gran Canaria, (Canary Islands) Vacation
1972, Jul. Spain Arenal, Mallorca Vacation
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