Amateur Invest - status.

On this page, You will be able to see information about the status of the program, downloads, etc:

Feb. 2015 - Refreshing internet and software in progress.
Nov. 2010 - Amateur Invest 2010 A has been released.
Mar. 2009 - Amateur Invest 2009 A is ready.
Dec. 2008 - Amateur Invest 2008 C is ready.
Nov. 2006 - A demo / screencast is available.

For help about getting or setting up securities / companies and easy import of prices, please see the demo / screencast, tutorial and lookup pages.

If you have problems, questions, wishes or ideas about the use of the program or investing in general, please write in the debate forum.

Help with the development of the program: Register now.

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NB: The Registration procedure has been changed in v. 2006. - Registered users can get the new procedure for free. - Send mail.

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