Investing in bonds, and software to manage investments in bonds.

What are: Bonds are one form of security. Bonds are usually limited to a certain time span, eg. 5 or 10 years and can be issued by either companies or countries that need to raise (borrow) money.

Bonds has a certain value, and usually you are also given interest. So for lending out your money, you are getting an interest in return.

Also the price of a bond can go up and down. - This happens when the interest rate as a hole for a company or country goes up or down. If interest goes down, bonds issued with high interest rates will go up in price. People will want to buy the ones with high interest rates to earn more money. - And if interest rises in general, low interest rate bonds will fall in price. People will want to sell the low interest issued ones, and buy the ones with the higher interest. - So you can see that it is supply and demand, that determines the direction of the price.

As a part of any portfolio, you need to manage your investments in bonds, just like you need to be in control of your investments in other securities like for example stocks / shares.

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Download. Amateur Invest is an easy to use personal finance software program - in which you can manage your investments in bonds, and on these internet pages you can learn how to "invest in bonds" in general and how to use the software program. Also you can get investment advice by using the program as well as reading the many internet pages here (via the investment school or the stock debate forum).

You can download bonds software for free by pushing the link. - The link will bring you directly to the download page. - Also you can use this Amateur Invest site to learn much more about investing in bonds and how to use the software program.

When you download "bond management software" here, you can try out the program yourself, and see the many features. - No obligations or strings attached! - But if you like to register the bond software program, you can do it by pushing the link.

- Free download
- Simply the best free program to download and try, and easy to use!
The Greatest Easy Smart Simple Personal Private Software Utility Tool.

An example of the main page looks like this (click on picture to enlarge):

Main bonds software screen.

Tip: Bonds are entered in the security register. With the correct import id code set, prices will be updated automatically - for free. When the security register has been set, you can buy or sell from your portfolio. Price updates will also automatically update the value of your portfolio.

Amateur Invest brings you the following benefits:

- It is easy to use bond investment software:
with easy updates of prices via the internet (for free).

...Get in control, and invest like a pro...
Download software for bond management now.

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