Download currency converter software.

Explanation: Different countries use different currencies. In the US the currency is US Dollars, and in many countries in Europe the currency is Euro.

Download. The software program Amateur Invest comes complete with currencies from many countries, and it can automatically calculate the currency exchange rates, so you can see the value of your trades in just one currency. With the built in graph function, you can also see how the currency rates has changed over time.

When you trade securities; Stocks / Shares, Bonds, etc., you can trade securities in many countries, eg. you can buy shares in companies in the US, in the UK, and in Germany.

When you look at all of your trades in your portfolio, you would like to see the total value in just one base currency. - And the currency conversion should be done automatically. This is just one of the many features of the investment management software program Amateur Invest.

And the currency exchange rates can be updated automatically via the internet. Exchange rates are downloaded for free.

Please scroll down this page to find more information and get a currency tip - for Amateur Invest users.

Let the investment portfolio software program "Amateur Invest" help you! - It is an easy to use personal finance software program, and in it, you can let it be your "currency converter". Currency conversions are done on the fly, based on the currencies that can be seen in the program.

Currencies (just like prices for all kinds of securities) can be updated automatically via the internet.

- Free download
- Simply the best free program to download and try, and easy to use!
The Greatest Easy Smart Simple Personal Private Software Utility Tool.

You can download currency converter software for free by pushing the link. - The link will bring you directly to the download page. Try the program for free. - You can also use this Amateur Invest site to learn much more about currency conversion and the software program.

By downloading you can try the program out, and see the many features. - No obligations or strings attached! - But if you like to register the currency converter software program, you can do it from here.

Free currency converter software example

An example of the currency window looks like this (click on picture to enlarge):

Currency converter software window.

Currency tip for users: In the portfolio window, profit / loss is automatically calculated for each trade - and the currencies are automatically converted into a base currency, that you can set yourself. - You can set the base currency in the "Admin" window. And you can track the currency conversion rates under the "Bank" menu from the main window.

Amateur Invest brings you the following benefits:

- Manage your investments by:
Knowing the full value of your investments.

...Get in control, and invest like a pro...
Download currency converter software.

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