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Here you add and find the basic data for securities. Securities can be stock/shares, mutual investment companies, options and bonds. The settings here makes it possible to download prices automatically. This includes the company name / equity name, the stock size, what the company does, and key financial information.

This is the base, and starting point of Amateur Invest. You have to enter the basic data, before other parts of the program makes any sense.

It is as easy as 1-2-3:

1: Enter a name.
2: Enter an import id code. Read more here.
3: You can have prices updated automatically and add the security to your portfolio if you wish.

NB: In the Import/Export window and in the Import check window, you can also import more predefined securities. See also: setup securities online demo and find import id's.

The security data window consist of an item list, and some buttons.

The item list.
The item list shows the list of securities that have been created. Some basic information is shown, like the name, the business category, the native country (and thus exchange) the security originates from, the stock size, the latest price and date, and finally an arrow marker..

At the leftmost area of the item list, you'll see a marker. If the security is on your observation list (special interest) it will have a !, next to it. If the security is in your portfolio, it will have a P, next to it.

At the rightmost area of the item list, you can see an arrow marker. That marker will indicate if the price has gone up (up green arrow), gone down (down red arrow), or stayed the same (blue vertical arrow), since the last time prices were downloaded.

If you click on the headline above the list, for Name, Category or Country, you can change the sort order. One click on a headline will make that into the current selected ascending sort order in, one click more on the same headline, will change to descending sort order. The sort order you choose will be remembered, so the next time you enter the securities window, you'll see the data in the choosen sort order.

If you click on a security with the right mouse button, a pop-up menu will give you some extra choises: 1) Choose all - Selects all the visible elements in the list, after a filter has been set. This makes it possible to easily delete securities from a specific country. 2) Edit - edit the choosen security. 3) Delete - deletes the selected elements. 4) Go to internet site - Starts an internet browser and goes to the company internet site, where you usually can see investor relations information and the latest accounts.

Information panel.
Under the choise list and just above all the buttons, an information panel is shown. This panel works together with the finance calender. If there is information in the finance calender about the choosen security, for registred users, the date and the information will be shown in the panel.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

These buttons apply in the securities window:

You can select to only view some countries. Choose the country to view. This can also be used if you wish to delete unwanted countries: 1) Choose a country, 2) Right mouse click on the list, 3) Choose "Select all", 4) Push the delete button, 5) Answer "Yes" to have associated prices deleted.

Besides clicking on the headline area of the list, you can use this function to change the sort order. A + means ascending order, and a - means descending order.

- Add a new security. See editing.

- Edit the currently selected security. See editing.

- Delete the currently selected security. It is possible to select multiple securities at once. This is done by using the normal windows key/mouse combinations. Be sure, that the item is selected (shown by a special marker in the left side of the grid). You are asked if you wish to delete all the prices that might have been entered for the security. You can also go to administrative tools, and from there delete all the prices, and then go here and remove the security. The process will also be stopped, if a security is found to be in your portfolio.

- Enter all or part of a name to find. You can use a * at the end to find matching names. The find function is case insensitive. Set check mark to find from beginning or next.

- This help page.

- Exit the window.

Navigation buttons.
Under the item list, you'll see some navigation buttons, that look like the buttons on a tape recorder. Along with the scroll bar on the right hand of the item list, you can use the navigation buttons to position the item marker in the item list.

Printer Icon.
If you push the printer icon, a report with all the information will be shown. The view is shown on screen, and from the view, you can select to have the report printed on paper.

More information.
More information about setting up securities can be found on the internet site. Here you can find information about the codes needed to do automatic download of prices (
) as well as information about how to do stock splits (
), and much more.
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