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Editing Security Data.

The window for entering new or editing existing data, contains these fields and buttons - please note that the important ones are the "Name" and "Import ID" fields:

It is as easy as 1-2-3:

1: Enter a name.
2: Enter an import id code. Read more here.
3. Check the country and currency settings.

See further below for more information about the import id code.

You can use the <tabulator> key or the mouse to move between the different fields.These buttons apply in the add/edit window:

Printer icon
A small printer speed button on the button left side, makes it possible for you to print out the content of the window.

- This help page.

- Aborts any changes made to the current security.

- Accepts the data for the security.

These fields makes it possible to enter different kinds of information about the securities:

The name of the security; share, bond, etc. The name must be unique within the first 10 letters - that means for example that safeinvest xxx and safeinvest yyy would create an error (since the first 10 letters are the same) - in that case you could use abbreviations instead - safeinv xxx and safeinv yyy. Also the name cannot contain an apostrophe ( ' ).

Internet Address:
Although there is no header for this field, there is room to enter a WWW internet address (that becomes blue). By double clicking on the name, your internet browser will be loaded, and you will be pointed to the company home page. Usually a company home page contain the latest financial news, and can give you an idea about the company products. You can use that in the security listing window, where you can right click on a security, and select "Go to" from the menu that appears.

Special interest:
A check mark in this field indicates if a special marker (!) is shown next to the security in the security listing. It might also be used in other places so that you can select only the securities in which you have special interest.

The business sector the company operates in.

An assessment of the risk of the security.

Grouping the securities in different groups, makes it possible to control how prices can be entered. See Prices & Info, Group Add.

The stock size, telling the amount of the company that one share in the company represents.

The main country of business, and usually where the security is also registered to an exchange.

The currency that all amounts about the security is dealt in.

Last meeting:
The date of the last shareholders meeting.

Last dividend:
How much was paid to shareholders for each share.

A calculation of the latest price, divided by the latest reported earnings of the company. One of four key values.

Earnings pr. share:
Popular key value, showing how good the company is at making value for their share holders.

Price/Internal value:
A calculation of the latest price, divided by the assets of the company. If this number is 1, the price is equal to the internal value of the company. A number higher than 1, tells us that the stock market estimates, that the company has hidden values, a future growth potential and/or a strong leadership.

A key value, that shows, how much the stock rise or fall compared to the general index. A number of 1 shows that the stock rise and fall by the exact same points as the overall index. A number of 1.5 show that a rise or fall by 1 in the general index will mean a rise or fall by 1.5 in the company stock value. A number of 0.5 shows that a rise or fall by 1 in the general index will mean a rise or fall by 0.5 in the company stock value. So this is an indicator of the company stock volatility.

ID exchange:
An alternative security identifier. This could be a security exchange number.

ID import:
A security identifier. This could be an ID that is used when downloading from other sources than the Amateur Invest site. The ID is currently set to the ones used by Yahoo. The ID can be found on different national Yahoo sites, where you under the finance section can seek out security names and find their ID. For example Microsoft can be found on the US site as MSFT, and Carlsberg can be found on the Danish Yahoo site with the ID: CARL-B.CO - where .CO stands for Copenhagen. Similar ID's can be found for most securities, in the countries where the securities belong. Another example is given here. Please also see setting up a definition and administrative setup.

This is a free text field, in which you can enter information of your own choice. Usually it is filled with information about the security; which business(es) it is in, what the products are, whom the leadership is, and who owns the most securities, etc.
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