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Prices & Info.

Here you enter prices for different securities on different dates. Or you can enter information about securities on specific dates.

The prices part gives you the possibility to see trends over time. The information part might be used to explain sudden rises or falls in prices.

Item list:
The item list is placed in the center of the window, showing all the prices or information, according to the filter that is set. On the right hand side of the item list, you can scroll through the items with the mouse.

The small selector to the left of the item list, in the top left hand corner of the window, makes it possible for you to select if prices or information is to be shown in the item list.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

Buttons on the right side of the item list and the window, have these meanings:

- Add one new price or information item. See editing.

- Edit the currently selected item. See editing.

- Delete the currently selected item.

Group Add
- Adds several prices according to selection. See Group Add.

- Show only a portion of the items, according to selection. See Filter.

- This help page.

- Exit the Price & Info window.

Icons on the left side of the item list have these meanings:

i - info icon
- Gives a status over the number of items in the database.

Printer icon
- If you push the printer icon, a report with the selected information will be shown. Please note, that the information is shown according to the state of the selector, and the current filter setting. The report is shown on screen, and from the window, you can select to have the report printed on paper.

Navigation Buttons.
Buttons on the bottom of the window, works like the buttons on a tape recorder. That is, you can move forward and backward, or go directly to the top or the bottom of the item list.
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