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Editing Prices & Info.

Appending or editing prices and info is almost identical, so they are explained together here.

For both of them, you first select the security name, that the price or the information relates to. And you select the date for the price or the information.

The last field depends on the type:

Editing Prices:
In the last field you enter the price for the particular security and date. You can enter the number with decimal points, etc.

If the date is older than or equal to the date for which prices were last updated, and the security is in your portfolio, then the portfolio value will be updated.

Editing Information:
In the last field you enter the information for the particular security and date.

This is used to explain ups and downs in prices for the security. The information is shown as a blue marker in the graphics window.

You can use the <tabulator> key or the mouse to move between the different fields

These buttons apply:

- This page here.

- Disregard any changes made. Do not add or edit any data.

- Accept the input and save the data from the fields you have changed.
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