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Hints & Ideas.

The hints & ideas database is used to store different investment strategies, etc.

In a central place, you can add good ideas and hints, that you could use, when you invest your money.

On the main hints & Ideas screen, you see an item list of the different hints & ideas. And you see some buttons.

Item list:
The item list has a type column and a keyword column.

The type column, is used to group the different hints and ideas together. This could be types like "Strategy" hints, "Rules", etc.

The keyword column, show a brief headline, that describes the actual hint or idea.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

You also have these buttons available:

- Adds another hint & Idea to the database. See Editing, for more information.

- Edits the current hint & idea. The same can be achieved by double clicking on an entry in the list. See Editing, for more information.

- Deletes the currently selected hint & idea item.

Navigation buttons.
Under the item list, you'll see some navigation buttons, that look like the buttons on a tape recorder. Along with the scroll bar on the right hand of the item list, you can use the navigation buttons to position the item marker in the item list.

Printer Icon.
If you push the printer icon, a report with all the hints & ideas will be shown. The view is shown on screen, and from the view, you can select to have the report printed on paper.
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