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The reports section, is a way for you to get data out of the program again. Often it provides a better view of the data, than just the raw data, that you have entered.

You can choose between the following reports:

Bank Portfolio
Inv. Portfolio
Security Data
Prices & Info
Hints & Ideas
User defined

You can either print the report directly to a printer, or you can view the report on screen first.

Design button.
The design button, can be used to design user defined reports. Please see the tools menu item for more about designing user defined reports.

Viewing on screen.
Each report work in the same way, just showing different kinds of information.

You can use the mouse or the keyboard to scroll between the different pages. You can select to print the report to a printer or save the report to a file. By saving the report to a file, you have the possibility to reload it at a later time, and compare numbers to more recent ones.

Choose your own logo.
Registered users has the possibility to have their own logo shown in reports. You accomplish this by making a bitmap (BMP) file in your favorite drawing program, and placing it in the directory, where the Amateur Invest main program file (invest.exe) is placed. There is room on each report for a 50x100 logo. The file has to have the name: INV_LOGO.BMP
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