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Alarm / Watches.

The alarms / watches pages is where you see, how your investments are doing.

In the window that is placed within the main window of Amateur Invest, you can also select between the alarms. And a scrolling stock ticker is shown - it can be turned on/off from the Admin. window. Each time new prices are downloaded, the stock ticker is updated. A + next to the price means the price has gone up since last, and a - down. By changing the size of the Amateur Invest window, you can have the stock ticker shown on screen all the time, while you are running other programs.

If you wish to have a scrolling stock ticker on the screen, you can minimize the Amateur Invest window, so that it just shows the scrolling prices. If you also set Amateur Invest to retrieve prices with a given interval, you be able to continually see the prices, while you are doing other things on your computer.

These are the ways to watch your investments and bank accounts:

Bank Accounts.
Cash Flow
Interest Prices
Net Worth

Investment Advisor
Technical Analysis
Stop Loss / Profit
Compare to other
Compare many
Finance calendar
Top 10
Hi's & Lo's

You simply select the category of watch or alarm, that you wish to have displayed, and push the OK button.
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