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Investment Advisor.

The investment advisor window, gives you a range of tools, that makes it possible to find investment opportunities.

Prices can be analysed in a number of different ways. Thus the investment advisor can give you some investment ideas, but it is still up to you yourself, to make the decision to buy or sell.

The investment advisor is only available to registrered users.

Analysor types:

Some say that investment are purely luck. Here you can enter a number of your own, and via a random function in your computer, have some securities picked for you.

High / Low
Some investors believe, that a security is worth buying or selling if the price reach its high or low for a given period. For example some believe that they should buy stocks in a company, when the price reach its 52 week high, or when it is close to it's 26 week high.

%+ / %-
Percentwise increase or decrease for a given period. Some investors believe that if a security has risen 10% within the last 3 month, then it is worth looking at - or if a security has fallen for 10%.

Here you see investments, that has the most or the least variance for a given period. That is the investments that has the highest or lowest difference between hi's and lo's. This could indicate if an investment is "dangerous" or "exciting" to invest in, or if it is relatively safe. You can select to see the top 10 with highest or lowest volatility.

Weekday / Day
Does a certain security always go up on a monday, or always on the second day of the month? With these functions you can get the answer.

Month compare
This let you see, if a security is allways rising in a certain month. Say you go back 3 years - then you want to see which securities are alway rising in price in June. - This could be because of seasonal increases in earnings for a company, and this could indicate, that the security will rise again next year at the same time. The information on the line can be read as: The number of year back there is available information for, the first year, the number of ups, and the number of downs. Say the information shown is 4, 2000, 2/0 - this means that the first year is 2000 and there is information to say that there has been 2 ups and 0 downs for the choosen month.

All up / All dwn
This let you examine if a security has a consecutive straight line of rises or falls in price. Some people believe that if a security has risen the last 5 times in a row, it will continue to rise for a while, and it is time to buy.

x up x dwn / x dwn x up
These types of analysis' are used, if you would like to see if a security has gone up for a straight number of times and then down, forming a break in a trend. For example if you see 5 consecutive rises and the one fall in price, you might want to sell - or the opposite, 5 straight fall followed by 1 rise in price, you might want to buy.

How to:

You can use the functions here in the analysor to see which securities fulfill the goal you set up.

You set the Analysor type you wish, and the frequency. For the high/low functions you can also set a tolerance. Then you hit the "Analyse" button.

The results (the securities that match your criteria) will show up in the text area of the window.
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