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Stop Loss / Profit.

On this page you'll get to know if your investments has passed the stop loss or stop profit points.

When you make your original investment, and enter it into the portfolio database, there are two fields for entering stop loss and stop profit values. These values can be watched in this window.

The search only includes live investments, not test- or sold deals.

Main listing.
A big listing is shown in the window. If you have any security that have passed through your stop loss or stop profit setting, these securities will show up in the listing. You'll be told if it is a stop loss or stop profit signal. You'll get the name of the security, and you'll get the stop value, and the current value.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

These buttons are available:

Graph (Icon)
- Makes it possible to view the stop loss / stop profit setting graphically. When you push this button, a graph is shown. The graph will show a blue bar for the original price you gave per share. Behind it, will be a red bar if the current price is below your stop loss setting or a green bar, if the current price is above your stop profit setting. Shares that are moving within your stop loss / profit settings are not shown.

Print (icon)
- Prints the stop loss / stop profit item listing to a printer.

- This help page.

- Exit the stop loss / profit window.

Use the mouse or the keyboard to move up and down in the item listing.
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