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Compare to index.

This is a window that also contains a lot of useful information.

Primarily, it makes it possible to compare your own portfolio, to a base index of your choice. This gives you an idea of how your investments are doing, compared to the rest of the market. Are you doing better or worse?

The search only includes live investments, not test- or sold deals.

Secondly, registered users have the possibility to see how hole industries are performing. This is useful, if you wish to invest in a certain industry. You Choose this function with the radio button on the right side of the window.

How to:
In the top right hand corner of the window, you choose the base index (or base industry). This can be a company or one of the many indexes that exist, like Dow Jones, London's FT-100 or the German DAX index. - You then choose the date that the index should be considered to be at 100.

The blue line is then the base index from the date chosen, and the red line is all of your portfolio from the date chosen.

Fair comparisons:
To see the total development of your portfolio, you should select the first date as the day that you bought your first share. Make sure that you have data (prices) for all the time since then. This will show the ups and downs of your investments next to the market development.

Further information:
If you press the "View" button, you'll be shown the development of your investments on a report. You'll see profit and loss for each of the dates that there are prices for.

These fields can be filled by you:

Base Index:
This is the index that you wish to measure your portfolio against. You can either select one security or another predefined index, according to what is entered into the price & info database.

Base Date:
Beginning date, from which the base index and your portfolio will be set to 100. Here you can set the starting date for the comparisons.

Aside from the Help and Close buttons (which should be self explanatory), these buttons appear on the screen:

Printer icon
Prints the window to your default windows printer.

Shows a report on the screen, containing the value and index of your portfolio, for each day there exists prices for, since the Base Date. When the report is shown, you can select to have it printed on paper.

Resets the chart to its original coordinates (in case you have moved the chart or selected with the mouse only a part of the chart to be shown).
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