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Compare to other.

In this window, you can compare 2 securities to each other in the same graph.

The chart window; the x- and y axis.
On one axis you'll see the prices and on the other axis you'll see the different dates. The actual prices are shown as red/blue dots, and they correspond to the input that has been made in Prices & Info. The dots are connected with lines to show trends between the actual prices.

This makes it possible for you to see the variations over time, and compare one security to another.

The chart window; zoom with left mouse button.
You can also select a certain part of the prices and dates (zoom) by moving the mouse to a location, push the left mouse button and while holding the button down, move to another place. This will create a square, and when you release the mouse button, the graphics area will be zoomed to the selected prices and dates.

By pressing the "unzoom" button on the screen, all prices and dates are shown for the security again.

The chart window; move with right mouse button.
In the chart part of the window, you can also move the axis around. This is done by holding down the right mouse button, while moving the mouse. You'll then see the chart move within the chart window.

Selecting between securities.
You can select between securities to be shown, in the upper right hand corner - simply choose from one of the two drop down list by clicking on its right side, and choose by clicking on the name.

Aside from the Help and Close buttons (which should be self explanatory), these buttons appear on the screen:

Resets the chart to its original coordinates (in case you have moved the chart or selected a part of the chart to be shown).

Setup (graph icon)
A small window is shown. Here you can specify a starting date. Information in the graphics window will then be shown starting from the date you specify. - The other information will still be available by scrolling the chart window with the mouse, as mentioned above.

Diskette icon
If you click this icon, you can save content of the graphics window to a bitmap file. You can then import it into many other programs, e.g. for reports, presentations, etc.

Printer icon
Prints the window to your default windows printer.
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