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Finance calendar.

The finance calendar can  be used to mark special dates / events in the future. These special dates / events could be dates for quarterly business figures for a security.

This information can help you to be aware, that there might soon be changes in prices.

This is also used in the portfolio and securities windows, where an information panel show the information from this finance calendar.

It is the idea, that the information that is available in the calendar, also can be automatically downloaded from the internet, exactly as it is possible with the prices. At the moment the information has to be entered manually.

Calendar part.
In the largest part of the window, the calendar is shown. One month at a time is shown. If there is any information for a given day, the security name will be shown in the calendar area. You can use the mouse to choose between dates.

information and the navigator.
In the top right corner, the chosen date is shown, and below there is a navigator, that can be used to move back and forth between months and years.

When a date is selected where there is information, the security name will be shown in the list on the right and the information in the text line. If there are more information for more securities on the same day, it will be possible to choose between the securities from the drop down list. The text line will then change according to the selected security.

There is room for one line of text. This line can be used to any information, like: annual report, quarterly report, the announcement of a new product, etc.

These buttons can be used in the finance calendar:

- Enter new information for the chosen date.

- Delete the chosen information. You select the date, and from the drop down list, you select the security with the associated text. By pushing this button, it will be deleted.

- This button is available for registered users. By pushing this button, an overview of the coming month special events are shown. The overview is shown in date order.

- This help page.

- Close the finance calendar.

To edit data, you need to delete the data, and add some new information.
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