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Top 10.

In the top 10 window, the 10 biggest rises and 10 biggest falls are calculated.

This is done by comparing the latest price for each security, to the price x number of periods back. You can specify the number of periods back.

By default, the listing will show the top 10 list, calculated as the "point" rise or fall. Registered users can also push the radio button on the right hand side, and have the list calculated by comparing the percentage wise rise or fall.

The list
The information show in the list is:

Name, ( latest price, price x periods ago ), price change, percentage change

The prices shown are calculated from the x last prices for each security. If you update the prices weekly, the list will reflect the weekly top 10, if you set the time to 1. Likewise if you update daily, a setting of 1 reflects the top 10 from day to day, and a setting of 5 (not including weekends) will reflect the weekly top 10.

Printer Icon
If you push the printer button, the list is shown in printable format on the screen. From there you can choose to print it to a printer.
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