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In the extended "What-If" window, which is a part of the Alarms & Watches window, you can enter new prices for the securities in your portfolio. You can then calculate what the value of your portfolio would be, if the prices reflected what you entered.

Registered users can also enter a value, and then do a "backward" calculation, of what the price would be, if the value was realized.

Both of these features, will make setting a stop loss or stop profit easier. See more about entering and viewing stop loss and stop profit values here.

The What-if list:
The What-if list fills most of this windows.

It shows you the security name, the latest date and price, and makes it possible to enter either prices or profit/loss amounts.

The what-if calculations take any difference in currencies into account. You must enter prices in the local currency, and profit/loss in your local currency.

The What-if item list looks a lot like your portfolio, so that you can play different scenarios, on your portfolio or a test portfolio.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

You have these buttons available:

Calc PL
- The column "? Profit/Loss" is calculated for all the lines in the What-if list. This is based on the prices you have entered in the "? Price" column. This makes it possible for you to see the profit/loss amounts for given prices. A grand total is shown in the bottom line of the window.

Calc price
- The column "? Price" is calculated for all the entries in the What-if list. This is based on the amounts you have entered in the "?Profit/Loss" column. The value can, due to decimal rounding cause the Profit/loss amount to be slightly different from the actual value shown in such cases. It does, however, make it possible for you to see a fairly accurate, although estimated net value for certain profit/loss positions. An adjusted grand total is shown in the bottom line of this window.

- Deletes the currently selected What-if item.

- Deletes all the rows in the What-if item list, and builds a new list from the items in your portfolio. This makes it possible to make a fresh start, and track any changes if you have any changes in your portfolio.

All securities from the portfolio pages, including active, invest, pension deals, and test deals are included. You can delete any lines you do not wish to include in the what-if calculations.

- This help page.

- Exit the What-if window.
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