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Finance links.

In the finance links window, you can make links to your own favorite internet sites, or you can see the many links to company sites, that has been entered in the securities register.

Link list:

To begin with, the list shows your own links. You can add, and delete links to your own list of links.

If you click one time with the mouse in a field (or use the F2 key), you can edit the content of the field.

If you doubleclick with the mouse on an item, your internet browser will start and it will be directed to the internet site, you chose.

That way, you can always collect all your favorite investment sites in this one place.


In the top right hand corner, you can toggle between your own links, and the links, that comes from the securities register.


- Add a space for a new link. Enter internet site address and description directly in the link list. Only available for own links.

- Deletes the currently selected link. Only available for own links.

- Enter a text to find. Text entered can be just a part of the link/description you are looking for.

- This help page.

- Exit the Link window.
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