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Here you have the chance to limit prices. If you enter limits, you'll be notified, when the price rise or fall to the price specified.

In the main "limits" window, you see a list of the different limits that are set. And you see some buttons.

Limit list:
The limit list has a name, a sign and a number column.

In the name column, you select (from a drop down list), the name of the security, that you wish to set up a limit for.

You then select if the limit should be triggered, if the current price is greater than (>=) or lower than (<=) the limit.

In the limit column, you enter the number, that the limit is to be triggered for.

So if you set a limit for a company A, to be triggered if the current price goes below 100, you would enter: Company A, <=, 100. This can be useful if you have your eyes set on some stocks, and have decided to buy, if the price goes under 100.

On the other hand you could also set a limit for a company B, to be triggered if the current price goes above 200. You would then enter: Company B, >=, 200. This can be useful, if you have stocks in your portfolio, that you will like to sell if the price goes above 200.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

You also have these buttons available:

- Deletes the currently selected limit item/items. You can select more than on limit at a time, by using the usual Windows key/mouse combinations. A special marker is shown to the left, when a limit has been selected.

- Looks though all the prices, and checks all the limits you have
entered. If Limits are reached they will show up in a separate window. From there you can print the limits to screen or a printer.

- This help page.

- Exit the Limits window.
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