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Amateur Invest - Introduction.

Amateur Invest is a program, that is made to be easy to use.

In it, you can enter bank accounts and transactions, for the purpose of tracking your bank statements and the interest prices the bank gives you.

You can also enter securities, prices and other information, for the purpose of tracking historic data.

Finally you can enter your own portfolio, for the purpose of tracking profit and loss.

All this you get with Amateur Invest. Plus you can view the above as well as much more information represented in graphics on the screen and reports on the screen or on paper printout.

Amateur Invest is not a complex or fancy program, that can do 1 thing in a 1000 ways - it is kept simple, so that you easily can get started and easily can keep track of your investments.

On these help pages, much useful information is given. Please do not hesitate to use the online help often. Help pages are often specifically made for the exact window you are looking at on the screen. Push the F1 key or the "Help" button, and specific help for each window is shown.

If you run into problems, you can find further help on the internet site here:
-Invest Home
-Guest book

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