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About Amateur Invest.

Amateur Invest is made by Rene Michael. The program is Copyrighted, and must not be changed in any way.

In principle you can use the program as it is, but to take full advantage of all the many features in the program, you'll have to pay a small fee for it (called registering). You can try out the program as long as you like, but please consider registering after a 30 day evaluation period. I'm sure you'll find the money spent, absolutely worth while - once you have registered.

Once you have registered the program, you can receive updates via the internet. Also price files can be updated that way.

Read all about registering, prices, benefits, and much more, at:

The Amateur Invest Internet site

- English help text proof reading by Peter Welter.
- Registered users of Amateur Invest - Thanks, - you make this possible.
- All users of Amateur Invest that contribute with ideas, and in the:
online internet discussion forum.
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