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Import more security defintions.

With this function, you can download more securities (shares, bonds, mutual funds, options) than the ones that Amateur Invest comes with from the start.

As you know, you yourself can set up security definitions, so that you can enter those securities into your portfolio, and have prices updated automatically via the internet.

This function can make it a bit more easy, since you can get more predefined securities here.

The list of securities will be updated once in a while. So before setting up securities of your own, you might try to download the list from here.

This function is also made so that the users of Amateur Invest can share securities with each other. If you have securities that are not on the list, please contact the author of Amateur Invest. Contact information can be found at the internet site:

In the import window there's an address line, a list and some buttons.

Usually you should not need to change the address line. If changes should be made to this line, you can read about it on the above mentioned internet site.

When you push the "Import" button, a connection to the internet will be made, and some more securities will be downloaded.

The securities that are not already in your database will be shown in the list in the window.

You can then select the securities you wish to import into your own database.

If you use the right mouse button in the list, you can select or deselect all securities.

You can also use the filter function on the right side in the window, so that only securities from one country is shown.

After the selection has been made, you push the "Transfer" button and the securities are copied, and are then ready for you to use.

You can also choose to have security setup's imported from a file. Read more about it here.
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