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Import Tasks.

This window is a shortcut to the various import tasks that are available in Amateur Invest. It is an "Import Wizard". You can do more advanced importing and exporting in the "Imp./Exp" window, but this window here, is easier for the day to day tasks.

Select the tasks you wish to have executed or push the "Check" button.

Once some of the items have a checkmark next to them, you can push the "Execute" button, and have the tasks done.

In the registered version, currency rates are downloaded also.

New program check:
If a new program is available, you should go to the Amateur Invest internet site, download the update, and install it.

New definition file check:
If a new definition file is available, you should go to the admin. window, and push the "U" button next to the "Internet address B" box.

New securities:
A window is shown, from which you can choose which securities to import into the program.

Other checks:
Downloading of currencies and new security prices are handled automatically.
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