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Intro: User id / password.

Thank you very much for trying out Amateur Invest!

The user id and password in the unregistered version of Amateur Invest are: MANAGER and MANAGER. Both in uppercase letters.

In the unregistered version of the program, the user id and password cannot be changed. By registering, this facility will be opened up for, and you can use the Admin window to change the user id and password. Registering also opens up for other features not found in the unregistered version.

Please use the F1 key for help often.

Hope you enjoy my program, and have prosperous investments.

R. Michael, The author of Amateur Invest.

- Push the Esc button to close the help window, and continue the program.

(NB: This message is shown as a help to first time users. It will be shown automatically the first 3 times you use the program, and enter a wrong user id/password. From then on, you should remember the user id/password yourself).
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