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Intro: Setup

Some basic setup has to be done, when you first use the program:

1) Set the base currency
2) Import the latest prices
3) Import more securities

1) Admin. window:
In the "admin." window you can change to "Demo" data. And you can set the base currency. Setting the base currency makes the profit/loss calculations correct. From the beginning of the program the base currency is set to USD.

2) Imp/Exp window:
The program comes complete with a number of securities and prices. But new prices comes every day, and not at the same time as releases of the software.

You should therefore - as the first thing you do - go to the Imp-/Export window, set a marker next to "Reload" and then press the "Import" button. That will download the latest security definitions and prices via the internet. You only have to do this once.

3) Import more securities:
The program comes with some securities from the beginning. In the Imp/Exp and the Import tasks windows you can import more predefined securities. You can also add securities yourself - see how to on this introduction page: Online introductions: (

Please note:
You can use both the "imp/exp." window (from the left side menu), and the "import tasks" window (already opened in the program) to import prices, and more securities. Learn more about the program on: Online introductions: (

(NB: This message is shown as a help to first time users. It is shown automatically the first time you use the program).
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