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Mouse and keyboard use.

You can use a mouse as well as the keyboard in many of the windows. You decide which is the better for you.

Not all the places and possible function are mentioned here below, so you are encouraged to try it out yourself. Generally Amatuer Invest follow the same rules as other Windows programs.

Arrow keys:
In item lists: The arrow keys moves up and down between the items in the list, making a new item the current.

In date fields: Increase or decrease the date in the field.

In windows with item lists: Using the <tab> key, you can jump between the item list and the buttons with the keyboard. When the item list becomes active / inactive, it changes color.

In windows with data fields: Using the <tab> key, you can jump between the fields.

In windows with item lists: When the item list is active, then this will delete the currently selected item.

Generally this executes the function of the choosen button - or a button that is set to have the <enter> key as its default function.

Underscored letters in buttons:
Buttons can also be reached by pressing the letter corresponding to the underscored letter in the button label.
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