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The Main Window.

In the main window (the one you first see, with the main menu) you can either select one of the speed buttons on the left side panel, you can quick select one of the alarms & watches, or you can select from the items in the menu visible in the top line of Amateur Invest.

The speed buttons can only be reached, if you use a mouse with your computer. If you do not have a mouse, you must use the menu instead.

Here are your options with the speed buttons:

1. Admin.
For changing user id & password, and for database maintenance.

2. Im- & Export
For importing data, eg. from the internet.

3. Transactions.
For entering transactions on bank accounts.

4. Accounts.
For creating bank accounts.

5. Portfolio.
For entering your own trades.

6. Securities.
For entering and finding data about individual securities.

7. Prices & Info.
Here you enter prices for securities, and other relevant information.

8. Hints & Ideas.
Here you can get general and specific hints & ideas about investing.

9. Graphics.
Is where you can track the performance of securities graphically.

10. Reports.
You can choose between several reports to be shown on paper or on screen.

11. Alarm / Watch.
Different ways to watch your accounts and investments.

- Please note:
That the alarms & watches window, visible in the main window, cannot be closed. Users of Amateur Invest that hasn't registered, could see advertisements in that window. If you do not wish to see advertisements - please consider registering.
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