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Selecting between dates, has been made easy with the date selection window.

The window contain a calender, that show one month at a time.

You simply select the date that you wish, and that date is returned to a date field.

In the date field itself you can also use the up/down arrow keys on the keyboard. This will increase / decrease the date by one day at a time.

These buttons are available.

- Aborts the date select function. No date is returned.

- Accepts the date selected. The date is returned.

Arrow buttons
- On the top left hand and top right hand corner of the window, you'll see some arrows. These arrows can be used to change the month and year:

Previous year  (year - 1)
Previous month  (month - 1)
Next month  (month + 1)
Next year  (year + 1)

If you keep the mouse over the button a little while, an explanation box will appear, telling you the meaning of the button.

Simply press the button to either move backward or forward in time.
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