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Finding and setting up definitions.

So here's a bit more about finding, and setting up the internet download definition.

It might look a bit difficult, but there is more help to be found here (with picture examples) on the internet:

Updates can be necessary.
Updates to the definition file are bound to be necessary, and such updates and enhancements will be placed at the Amateur Invest internet site.

All the examples below have been found on the internet site "Yahoo". But there might be other internet services that could be used.

Amateur Invest downloads Comma Separated Values (CSV). So in principle you can use any site that supplies prices in that format, and for which you can specify the input order, as described in the section "setting up" below.

Yahoo has finance services for many countries. By going to these sites, you can select the finance section, and there search for securities. Usually you'll be able to find the securities you are looking for, and there it will also show the "code" that the prices are listed under.

You use that code to enter into the securities database, if you are located behind a firewall or use a proxy server. The connection could "time out". In that case, you should either open up for port 80 in your firewall or change the PROXY and PROXYPORT settings in the INV_SET.INI file - this can be done from the "Administrative settings", look under "Proxy server".

Other download errors can be encountered, for example if Yahoo change the import ID codes. You should in such cases visit the Amateur Invest internet home site. Information will be posted there.

Additional note.
Not all prices can, at the moment, be updated by the method described here. Therefore you should from time to time (eg. once a week) also download prices from the Amateur Invest internet home site also.
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