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Download prices, setup example.

Here is another example of setting up the automatic download, this one is for the Australian company Qantas:

1. Create a security in the securities database.

2. In the field: "ID Import", a code from Yahoo has to be entered.

3. The code can be found in each "national" Yahoo, eg. in this example:

4. Go into the "finance" part of Yahoo. This actually brings you to:

5. From there you can do symbol lookups. Eg. a symbol lookup on Qantas, reveals the code: QAN.AX - So that code is entered into Amateur Invest.

If you do the same for eg. these securities, you'll be able to use the import facility for more Australian securities.

If you use the same technique, you can also do the same with all other national Yahoo's, like the US:, the UK:, the Danish:, and many more (look in the bottom of the main Yahoo opening screen for more national Yahoo's).

It might look a bit difficult, but there is more help to be found here (with picture examples) on the internet:
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