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Bank Postings.

Here you enter the postings made on each bank account.

First you need to set up one or more bank accounts. Once you have done that, you can begin to enter postings (transactions).

Postings (transactions) are a number of deposits or withdrawals.

So the window will contain a listing of all the postings (transactions) that has been made to an account. The listing goes from the first transaction on to the last, where you can see the amount on your bank account.

By standard, the listing will be set to point at the latest postings (transaction) made.

These functions apply to the bank transactions window:

Account Number
Select between the different accounts you have set up. The listings window changes, and show the transactions for each account, as you change the account number.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

Space key
In addition, in this windows, it is also possible to use the "Space key". When you point out a transaction in the list of transactions, and press the <space> key on the keyboard, the transaction will be "confirmed" by you, and a check mark will be shown next to it. This can help you keep track of your payments and incomes, if you eg. crosscheck with your visa bills, etc., and your bank statements.

These buttons apply in the bank transactions window:

- You can add transactions. See editing.

- You can edit transactions. See editing.

- You can remove transactions, one or more at a time. If you wish to delete many transactions, you can also use the administration tools. To delete transactions from the listing, you must select them, using the standard windows key/mouse combinations. When transactions are being selected, a special marker will show up to the left in the listing.

- With this button, registered users can assign budget codes to transactions. This makes it easy for you to update many transactions and have them shown in different categories in the budget window. Please enter the budget categories in the budget window first.

Then when you push this button: 1) you are asked if you wish to assign it to all accounts. Select yes if you want the assignment done on all accounts. No means only the currently selected account will be updated. 2) you are shown a window, where you can enter the text you wish to assign a budget code to, and you can enter the budget code. E.g. you have many transactions with "Salary" as the descriptive text, and you have a budget code "Income". You can then link the text to the budget code with this assignment.

- Enter all or part of transactions to filter. You can use * at the end, to select all occurances of a special type. Eg. enter "credit card*" to filter all transactions that begin with the mentioned words. Please note that this is case sensitive.

- Enter all or part of a transaction to find. You can use a * as in the above case. The find function is case insensitive. Set check mark to find from beginning or next.

- This help page.

- Exit the Bank transactions window.

Navigation buttons.
Under the item list, you'll see some navigation buttons, that look like the buttons on a tape recorder. Along with the scroll bar on the right hand of the item list, you can use the navigation buttons to position the item marker in the item list.

Printer Icon.
If you push the printer icon, a report with transactions for the selected account will be shown. The view is shown on screen, and from the view, you can select to have the report printed on paper.

Summation Ikon.
When you push this button, you can see your total fortune. This includes all your bank accounts, and all your securities. It is your net-worth amount if you could realize all your assets, right now.

Please notice, that once you have added, edited or deleted transactions, Amateur Invest will update the total column, by running through all the transactions and recalculating the totals.
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