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Bank Accounts.

Here you can enter your different bank accounts.

You have to enter at least one bank account, before you can start to enter transactions. Bank accounts are the basis for transactions.

The Item List.
The item list show an overview of the different accounts you have entered. It shows, the account number. Who owns the account, and a name, you make up yourself.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

The Buttons.
These buttons apply in the bank accounts window:

- Add a new bank account. See editing.

- Edit the currently selected bank account. See editing.

- Delete the currently selected bank account. Please note, that deleting a bank account doesn't automatically delete all transactions for that account. Therefore the correct procedure for deleting an account is: 1) go into Administration, select database maintenance, and delete all transactions for the account, 2) deleting the account from this window.

- This help page.

- Exit the bank accounts window.

You can move between the different account with the mouse, the up and down arrow keys or the tape recorder look-alike buttons on the bottom middle part of the window.
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