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Editing Bank Accounts.

When you add or edit bank accounts, you get into a window, that works in the following manner.

You can use the <tabulator> key or the mouse to move between the different fields.These buttons apply:

- Registered users, can mass update interest rates to transactions. Enter the interest rates, and then you have the possibility to enter the date from which the interest rates will be set.

- Accept the input and save the data from the fields you have changed.

- Disregard any changes made. Do not add or edit any data.

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The fields in this window, have the following meanings:

Account number
Here you enter the number of your account. Each account usually have a unique number.

Alternative identifier
Here you enter any text identifier, you like. This can be the purpose of the account, like salary account or savings account. And you could prefix it, with the name of the bank in which the account is held.

Here you enter the initials of the owner of the account. This could be yourself, your wife/husband, etc.

Default debit/credit
You enter the default values for the interest rates you receive on the bank account. If you receive 2% in credit rate by the bank, you enter 2. If you receive 0.25%, then you enter 0.25. The same principle applies for loans. If the interest rate of a loan (debit rate) is 10%, you should enter 10.

- Intervals
Please note, that rates can be entered for intervals. Some times, banks gives you higher interests, the more money you have in your account. You can enter such intervals and rates in pairs. Example 1: Rate 1: 0.5%, Interval 1: 4999, Rate 2: 2%. This reads: from 0 to 4999, you get 0.5% in interest, and for anything more, you get 2% interest. Example 2: as example 1, but also: Interval 2: 9999, Rate 3: 4%. Now there's a third interval, so that from 5000 to 9999 you get 2%, and anything more you get 4%.
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