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In this window you can enter your own budget, and in the bank postings section (look under editing bank transactions, and the field "budget code"), you can enter the different budget codes. This will make it possible for you to see if you actually follow your budget.

Please note, that you can also use the "Assign" button in the bank transactions window, to do mass assignments of budget codes to transactions.

The window
The window has three main parts; an income grid, an expense grid, and some buttons. The income grid and the expense grid are identical in function.

Income and expense areas.
I these areas you can enter numbers in the white fields. You should not enter a minus (-) in front of expenses. Amateur Invest automatically deducts expenses from income.

In the grey fields to the left, you can enter the budget descriptions. It is those descriptions, that are used to calculate the actual numbers, when the same descriptions are used, when you enter bank transactions.

By pressing the <Ctrl> and <Insert> keys at the same time, you can insert a new row. And by pressing the <Ctrl> and <Delete> keys at the same time, you can delete an entire row.

You move around the areas and fields in the normal way, by using the mouse, the arrow keys, the tab key, etc.

In the income and expense grids, you can use the following keys:

Delete  Delete the currently selected field.
F2  Edit the currently selected field.
F5  Copy the currently selected field to all fields to the right.
F9  Recalculate all fields and sums.

Ctrl Insert Insert a new row, pushing all other down.
Ctrl Delete Delete the current row, moving all other up.

The following buttons are available:

This button makes it possible (for registered users) to get the budget printed. The result is first shown on screen. From there it is possible to print the budget on paper.

What to show:
Here you decide, which information is shown. Either the budget numbers (that you yourself enter) or the actual numbers (that gets calculated from the definitions you have set up at each bank transaction).

Here you choose, which year the budget and calculations are done for.

In certain cases you should use this button to recalculate the sums.

This help page.

Here you close the window and the various entered numbers are saved.
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