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Here you enter your own investments.

Securities can be selected from the ones that have been entered into the securities register / window.

The portfolio data window consist of an item list, and some buttons.

Just above the item list, you can see which portfolio you are currently using. You can have as many portfolios as you like, and you can switch between them in the admin. window - look under the heading "base database".

The item list.
The item list show a list of your securities - that is called your portfolio. Some basic information is shown, like the name, the type of investment, the number of securities, the price you gave, the latest price, if the latest price has gone up or down, and a calculation of your profit or loss for each investment.

The profit/loss calculation takes differences in currency exchange rates into consideration. That is, if you have investments in a foreign country, the profit/loss will be shown in your own "base currency". Please read more about setting a base currency, and about entering currency prices.

The profit/loss calculation for each investment also takes earnings and costs into account. You can adjust those values in the "Edit" window.

At the rightmost area of the item list, you can see an arrow marker. That marker will indicate if the price has gone up (up green arrow), gone down (down red arrow), or stayed the same (blue vertical arrow), since the last time prices were downloaded.

The summation at the bottom of the item list shows (from left to right):

1) the raw price you have paid (no costs are included),
2) the raw value with the latest prices (no earnings are included),
3) the calculated profit/loss (including costs and earnings),
4) the raw profit/loss (excluding costs and earnings), and
5) the raw profit/loss percentage.

By default, all live (active investments) are show in the item list. You can switch to other types of investments by using the drop down list in the top right hand corner.

If you click the right mouse button on a security in the item list, a popup menu will appear with some choices: 1) Select All - selects all visible items in the item list, makes it possible to eg. mass delete items. 2) Edit - Edit the currently selected portfolio item. 3) Delete - Deletes the currently selected items. 4) Goto Internet site - Starts internet browser, and goes to selected company's internet site. On the company's internet site, you can typically read about the latest accounts, as well as it's investor policies.

Choice list.
You can choose between having; active investments, sold investments, active pensions, sold pensions, or test security deals shown in the item list. Furthermore you can use the "Filter" button to filter items in the portfolio - for eg. tax purposes.

Information panel.
Under the choice list and just above the buttons, an information panel is shown. This panel works in combination with the finance calendar. If there is information in the finance calendar about the chosen security, the date and information will be shown in the panel. This only works in the registered version.

Mouse- and keyboard use.
General use of the mouse and keyboard can be found by clicking here.

These buttons are available:

Add (Buy)
- Add a new investment to your portfolio. See editing.

- You can sell all or part of your investment. See sell.

- Edit the currently selected investment. See editing.

- Delete the currently selected investment/investments. You can select multiple investments at once, to be deleted. Please make sure that a special selection marker is shown in the left side of the grid.

- Show only some of the investments, according to selection. See Filter.

- Registered users can export the portfolio to a file. This is useful, if you wish to use the data in eg. a spreadsheet for tax purposes. The exported items adhere to the filter and current selection made.

- This help page.

- Exit the Portfolio Data window.

Navigation buttons.
Under the item list, you'll see some navigation buttons, that look like the buttons on a tape recorder. Along with the scroll bar on the right hand of the item list, you can use the navigation buttons to position the item marker in the item list.

Printer Icon.
If you push the printer icon, a report with all the portfolio information will be shown. The report is shown according to the choice you have made in the choice list; Live, Test or Sold securities. The report is shown on screen, and from there, you can select to have the report printed on paper. If you wish to see all trades at once, you can use the reports menu: portfolio.

Calculator Ikon.
If you push the calculator icon (picture), you can do a simple "what-if" analysis on the currently selected security from your portfolio. See more under "simple what-if calculation" or "extended what-if calculations".

Registered users can select multiple lines in the item list (by holding down the <Ctrl> key, and using the mouse), and then use this button to get some summations for the selected securities. You get the total number of securities, and the average buy price. This information can be used to see, when you reach a break even price for several investments in the same security. The summation only makes sense, if you over time, several times have bought shares in the same security - you can then select those securities, and get the average buy price.

Summation Ikon.
When you push this button, you can see your total fortune. This includes all your bank accounts, and all your securities. It is your net-worth amount if you could realize all your assets, right now.

Portfolio part Ikon.
Registered users) can use this button to get a window, where it is shown, how much each investment in the portfolio, weigh. This is an advantage, if you only want individual trades/securities taking up a certain percentage of your total portfolio. You get a "pie" or "bar" chart that shows an overview of the investments.  The percentage shown is calculated from the latest prices including currency rates. In the portfolio parts window, you can switch between the 2 types of diagrams.
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