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In this window, you can record the selling of all or part of an investment.

Before recording the sale from this window, please make sure that the fields "Costs" and "Earnings" are set correctly in the portfolio edit window.

Please note, that if you have bought the same kind of securities (on different dates), it is usually a rule, that you should sell the securities you bought first. This principle is called FIFO - First In First Out.

Amateur Invest checks if the securities you wish to sell are the first of its kind. If it's not, you'll see a warning. You can choose to bypass this warning, if you like.

Example of sale.
Say you at one time has bought 75 stocks in a company. Now some time later, you sell 25 of them, or all 75 of them. You use this window to enter the amount of stock you sold, at what price, and at what time.

If you sell all of the stocks (eg. 75 in the example above), that investment will no longer be part of your active portfolio. They will show in the "sold" portfolio, until you delete them.

If you only sell a part of the stocks (eg. 25 in the example above), then the remaining part (50) will be in your active portfolio, and the other (25) will show in the "sold" portfolio, until you delete them.

This makes it possible for you to keep records for eg. tax purposes, and reports can show either active, test or sold portfolios, when you print from the portfolio window.

These fields should be used:

The number of securities you have sold. (Please note that in case of "short selling" the amount should be negative).

The price at which you sold the securities.

Currency rate
If you have bought securities from another country, you can enter the currency exchange rate in this field. The exchange rate is quoted for 100 of the countries currency. Example: You live in the us, and buy shares in an European company - the exhcange rate for 100 EUR (Euro) is 125 USD. So you enter 125. Or you buy shares in a Canadian company - the exchange rate for 100 CAD (Canadian dollar) is 80 USD, so you write 80. Look in the "Bank" menu and start the "Currency" window to see exchange rates from different countries.

The date for the sale.

Buy cost / Sell cost
The costs that you had to pay eg. your broker for the transaction.

If you specify an account, then a transaction with the amount will be created.

You can use these buttons:

- This help page.

- Disregard any changes made. Do record any sale.

- Accept the input and save the data from the fields you have entered. The deal will be recorded.
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