Amateur Invest - investment manual.

There is a help system (manual) included with the program Amateur Invest. - Besides the help to be found within the program (activated by pushing the "help" button or pressing the F1 key) in any window, you can also download a small selfrunning tutorial program.

Many people however, like to be able to have an "investment manual" printed on paper, so that more pages can be read together, and not in small pieces as is the case with a manual that is activated as context sensitive help.

The help pages does not contain an investment guide / manual per se. You cannot learn any secrets about earning money from your investments, just by reading the free Amateur Invest manual. - But what you can do, is use and try the program for free, and read the pages on this internet site, including the investment forum. Those items, when you put them together, can help you learn how to invest, and make the most of your money investments.

The help pages from the program has been converted into one big online investment manual.

You can see it in your internet browser by pushing the amateur investment manual link here. - From the internet page, you can print out the manual on paper, or you can search through it, by using the standard search capabilities of your browser.

If you like you can also use the help pages online, just as they are seen from the program. Click this amateur help link.

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- Simply the best free program to download and try, and easy to use!
The Greatest Easy Smart Simple Personal Private Software Utility Tool.

Amateur Invest is an easy to use software program - in which you can manage your investments, and on these internet pages you can learn how to invest and how to use the software program.

The term "Amateur" is meant with the highest regards - there are plenty of difficult to use, and difficult to understand software and manuals for the professional investor. With this program you can start out slow, and grow at your own pace.

Amateur Invest - All the way from Novice investor to Pro !

Read more about, what Amateur Invest can do for you on these pages:

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