Investment alarms and watches.

The investment alarms and watches window, is where you have access to a lot of functions that can enhance your investments or help you find out where to invest. The investments and alarms window is available in the main program all the time - it can be moved around, but cannot be closed.

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In the investment alarms and watches window, you see a scrolling stock ticker, and buttons where you get access to functions like the investment wizard, technical analysis, comparison of investments, hi- and lows, top ten lists, multiple what-if calculations, stop loss and stop profit information, a finance calendar, finiancial links and much more.

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ticker investment alarm

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Disclaimer: The term Amateur is not used to insult anyone. It is used about people that does not invest for a living, and as such does not sit around watching the investment markets all their time. People like us also need access to tools and independent information to help us make the most of our hard earned money.

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Disclaimer: The software program Amateur Invest can only aid you in making your investment decisions. You and only you yourself is responsible for the investments you make. Good investment advice dictates that you seek information from many sources before you invest. Amateur Invest and Simply Data cannot be held responsible for your investments.

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Alarms and watches, Graphs, Main window, Main portfolio, What-if calculations

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