Stock graph.

In the securities / stock graph window, you can see the development over time for a given stock / security. In the securities / stock graph window, you can select between all the different securities that has been set up, and where you have had prices downloaded automatically, you can also zoom in on a particular date range - you can filter a date range. By placing the cursor on a red point, and clicking on the mouse, you can see the exact price for a given date.

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Stock graph

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Disclaimer: The name Amateur Invest is used because it is a software program that is easy to use, also for the not so trained investor. But at the same time it is a very broad program, that you can grow with. It also has many features also found in expensive professional software. Invest like a pro...

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Disclaimer: The software program Amateur Invest can only aid you in making your investment decisions. You and only you yourself is responsible for the investments you make. Good investment advice dictates that you seek information from many sources before you invest. Amateur Invest and Simply Data cannot be held responsible for your investments.

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