Ai - artificial intelligence - investing.

What is: AI - or artificial intelligence investing can be used when investing. Artificial intellingence investing is eg. when a calculation engine - set up with certain criterias - automatically buys and sells securities. Or the Artificial intelligence engine can signal an event, so that a user can decide to follow the buy or sell signal.

Download There are many ways to do this easily with Amateur Invest, and you can download the best free to try and easy to use package by clicking the link or the picture. - The link will bring you directly to the free download page. You can try the tool for free. - You can also use this site to learn much more about investing and the software program.

Amateur Invest (AI) can help you, because it has an investment wizard, that can help you examine stock prices, and find out when to buy and when to sell. Amateur Invest also contain the possibility for a user to add stop loss / stop profit figures to an item in the portfolio. Once the set amount is reached, the user will receive a signal. It is not directly artificial intelligence investing, since it does not do the actual deals, but you do get the signals.

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